Advertising agency Canberraa

With the government in the final stages of passing the same-sex marriage bill, it marks the final chapter of what’s been a fascinating, if not occasionally polarising, journey for the advertising industry.

The battle between Yes and No started for our agency in April 2016 when we received a call from the organisers of the Yes vote, Australian Marriage Equality, asking us to pitch for their branding strategy and identity creative development. Needless to say, we jumped at it. It’s not every day you get asked to play a role in an historic Australian event. While we have a great collection of brands on our client list, there is something extra special about the opportunity to help stand up for something you truly believe in.

Our branding concept was simple in that it used the rainbow colours on all the states and territories to show how Australia had previously unified for a greater good – federation. Coupled with the EQUALITY banner message it was bright and optimistic without being overtly ‘Oxford St’.

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